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A little About me

I believe that being a Mom doesn't mean giving up who I am.

I have a weird obsession with Julia Roberts.

I believe there is no better sound than my daughters' uncontrollable laughter.

I'm best friends with the guys at the nail salon that gives 10 min back massages :)

I believe in getting right to the point b/c life is too short.

One glass of wine is never really enough.

Most importantly I believe that a photograph can be more than just a pretty face or cute baby on a prop. I want to make photographs of you with your family that will capture the feeling and emotions you all have at that time. I want you to look at your photos in years to come and remember how it felt to have a newborn baby or little children that love you more than anything. Because if you're anything like me, in a few years you'll have a hard time remembering how it all felt. And I know I don't want to forget any of it.


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