Nassau County Family Portraits

Nassau County Family Portraits

These cuties have grown so much since I saw them last year. It feels like yesterday that I was photographing them as newborns! I remember B was born around the same time as my oldest daughter. When Mom told me she was pregnant again I remember thinking, wow, I could not imagine having another so quickly!!  It’s really awesome to see how close these two have become. You can see a couple of our past sessions here and here. 🙂

Nassau County Family portraits at a park outdoors

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Long Island Family Photos

Long Island Family Photos

I expected much more craziness with this beautiful family of 5! Their twin little boys are so adorable. They loved to run around, explore, and laugh at their silly big sister. Big sis, so beautiful with a big happy smile one minute, to little miss sassy, to super mushy the next.

During your photo session I give you permission to let your children be children. Let them be goofy, crazy and have fun. I don’t care if they cry or yell or get dirty. That’s life with children and that’s what I want to capture for you! Because even though you may think you want to forget that stuff, you’ll miss it one day.


collage of Long Island family photos with three children outdoors in the Fall

Check out a few of the twins newborn photos <3 It feels like yesterday!!

Long Island Family Photos collage of twin newborn boys

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Family Beach Portraits

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family for a few years now. I love watching their gorgeous girl grow from year to year. You can see a few photos from one of our first sessions together on an old blog post here. And they recently became a family of four!! See some photos from little brother’s newborn session below 🙂 Here is one of my favorite sessions with these guys, we made some fun family beach portraits on a super windy day!

Collage of Long Island Family Long Beach Portraits

and a few images from little brother’s newborn session…

Long Island, NY in home newborn session collage


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Best Friends | Long Island Child Photographer

I love photographing these gorgeous sisters every year. They remind me so much of my girls in so many ways! They are almost exactly the same age, are best friends, and have the most amazing heads of hair!!! You can see their beach session from the previous year here and little sister’s newborn session here! 🙂

I love that I get to capture them growing up, it goes too fast!!

Collage of sisters photos playing around outdoors at a Long Island Preserve


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Day 31 | Long Island Family Photographer | Shira Z. Photography


I did it! 3 Januarys in a row without cheating, which I did think about a couple times! I hate feeling like I need to have my camera with me at all times, but I do love having these memories captured (and not just on my cell phone).  I’m thinking about doing a monthly personal blog post. This way I’ll still be forced to take more photos, but not necessarily every day.  Good idea?


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Today we met my parents at the mall. Of course, they managed to convince them that they needed new dolls at the Disney store 🙂

January 31, 2016

2 sisters playing with dolls in play room Long Island, NY


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And a collage of my Photo-A-Day for 2016:

photo collage sisters in Long Island, NYpart two collage 2016blog