“All You Need Is Love”

Happy 2021! I’ve decided to get back to blogging this year. I’m going to start sharing some of my self growth journey along with my photo sessions! It’s something I’ve been a bit obsessed with since my marriage ended, almost 4 years ago. And since my kids don’t want to listen to me, I thought I’d share it here! 🙂 Hopefully it will help someone.

I remember googling “how to move on after divorce with kids” lol. I felt so lost. All the books and articles I read spoke about happiness “coming from within”. I thought, wtf does that even mean?! It sounded so simple but I just didn’t know how to make myself happy. I wanted to understand how to be happy so badly. I spent hours of my day listening to self help books and podcasts. I went to tons of therapy and joined several different coaching programs. I’ve learned a lot and this past year I feel like I’m FINALLY understanding how happiness really does come from within.

It’s hard to put into words, but The Beatles song “All you need is Love” came to me during a meditation recently and I feel like it really sums it up. Choosing to live from love instead of fear… Loving yourself enough to stop worrying what others might think and doing what feels right. Loving yourself enough to trust yourself and no longer need permission from others. Forgiving yourself when you mess up or yell at your kids too much. Taking care of your health so you can feel your best. Learning to listen to yourself so you’re more aware of what lights you up and what brings you down. Spending time with people that bring out the best in you. Ultimately loving yourself enough to keep striving towards the life you dream about.

Love is really all anyone wants and needs. I believe the more we can learn to love ourselves and each other, the less sickness, fighting, anger, and resentment there will be. Now more than ever I think that’s what we all need.

I hope this makes some sense! If this interests you at all I hope you’ll follow along as I share more.

Since the photographer in me feels like every post should include photos, here are some favorites from my family shoot in September with A Life Worth Roaming .

January 7, 2021

  1. Marianna says:

    You are such an inspiration whether or not you even realize it. Love you, my dear friend!!!

  2. admin says:

    you are the sweetest!! love you back!! xo

  3. Lois Kelly says:

    This is so good! Proud of you and all your growth! You are a special person who deserves the best. ♥️

  4. admin says:

    aww thanks so much Lois!! <3 <3

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