Photographer Mentoring

It’s so easy to get burnt out when you’re working hard to grow your business. I’ve been though so many phases where I felt uninspired, found myself focusing so much on the competition, and just feeling hopeless. I didn’t understand how I was supposed to book more clients and make more money when the passion just wasn’t there. I started this business because I wanted the freedom to do what I loved. Now what? I heard so much advice about taking a break or shooting for myself but that only worked for a short time.

After years of trying to figure it out and working with a few coaches, I feel like I finally understand. If you’re feeling this way at all and want to get out of the rut that can feel never ending, feel free to reach out. I’m currently offering mentoring in person or online for $250 an hour. I can’t wait to help others get back some of that excitement that we all once had when we were starting out. 😁

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

January 8, 2020

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